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Iron lung - polio epidemic

Headache powders which damaged kidneys


Kidney biopsy

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Upcoming Meetings:

September 23rd, 2021

The next meeting of the SAMHS will be held on Thursday, 23rd of September at the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave, Adelaide at 5:30 pm.

Annual General Meeting

At our Annual General meeting (AGM) this month we will step back in time to hear about people with neurological disorders were managed in what were known as lunatic asylums; SAMHS member Maggi Boult is the speaker.

Also, any further nominations of financial members for the SAMHS executive and committee can be sent to me no later than 17th September; annual subscriptions will be due on the night. The meeting papers will be sent as a reminder closer to the date.

Please note, to date we have nominees for the executive positions and a committee. However, we would welcome another medical committee member.

Current Covid restrictions mean we will be limited to 50 people, so everyone (members and guests) will be required to wear a mask at the meeting and register ahead to keep track of numbers. Of course, the limit may change before the meeting. It will help more than ever if we remember to wear name-tags. If you wish to attend, please contact the Secretary (Joy) to reserve a place.

Mrs Maggi Boult - "Epilepsy in the South Australian Lunatic Asylums"

Members and guests are welcome.

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nurses rah 1939
RAH nurses 1939

Amoeba causing meningitis

old obstetric stethoscope
Old obstetric stethoscope

Bragg hand x-ray 1896

RA Fisher,
statistics pioneer. His ashes are buried at St Peter's Cathedral, North Adelaide

Mask &
bottle for anaesthesia in tonsilectomy