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Professor Basil Hetzel AC, portrait.
Sir Howard Florey, portrait.

Upcoming Meetings:

June 27th, 2024

The next meeting of the SAMHS will be held on Thursday, 27th of June at the Dulwich Community Centre, 14 Union St, Dulwich at 6:00 pm.

Winter is here at last, with welcome rain but we often attract relatively small audiences in the cold, especially in wet weather. However, this year our June meeting is almost a week after the shortest day of the year and the Dulwich Community Centre will be warm and bright in the evening. Our speaker, Dr David Close is well known in SAMHS, not only as a retired ENT medical specialist but also a skilled video-operator, who has transformed our ability to hear and see presentations we could not attend. Nowadays, the use of sophisticated technology is apparent in aspects of ear, nose and throat treatments but we will learn how these were dealt with in South Australian throughout the time since early settlement.

Dr David Close - "A Brief History Of Ear, Nose And Throat Surgery In South Australia"

Members and guests are welcome.

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