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2022 Jul 28 A/Prof. Steve Milanese The History Of Manual Therapy And Adelaide's Unique Role Royal Society Rooms
Jun 23 Prof. Rob Norman History and aspects of the development of IVF Royal Society Rooms
May 26 - No meeting Royal Society Rooms
Apr 28 Dr Sam Costello An Historical Perspective Of The Gut Microbiota Royal Society Rooms
Mar 24 Professor Michael Horowitz The incretin effect - backwards and forwards Royal Society Rooms
Feb 24 Professor Paul Sendziuk Australia's Response to HIV/AIDS Royal Society Rooms
2021 Dec 10 Professor Glenn McCulloch The Origins of Neurosurgery in South Australia Living Choice Retirement Village
Nov 25 Professor Peter Roberts-Thomson Books, Libraries and a Physician's Private Collection (with a medical emphasis) Royal Society Rooms
Oct 28 Professor Philip Payton Repatriation During and After WW1 Royal Society Rooms
Sept 23 Mrs Maggi Boult Epilepsy in the South Australian Lunatic Asylums Royal Society Rooms
Aug 26 Dr James Muecke AM Blinded Royal Society Rooms
Jul 22 - No meeting Royal Society Rooms
Jun 24 Prof. Caroline McMillen AO The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters Royal Society Rooms
May 27 Dr Jim Tulloch AM 45 years of International Public Health Royal Society Rooms
Apr 22 Associate Professor Robert Bauze Bonesetting, Barossa Valley & early South Australian Orthopaedics Royal Society Rooms
Mar 25 Associate Professor Ross Haslam Neonatology - Lessons Learned from Conception to Adult Life Royal Society Rooms
Feb 25 Dr Roy Scragg AM OBE Sailors, Christianity, Florey; The Pandemics: Gonococcal, Human, Coronavirus Royal Society Rooms
2020 Dec 11 Associate Professor Susan Neuhaus A Stretcher on the Somme ... A South Australian Story Royal Society Rooms
Nov 26 - No meeting Royal Society Rooms
Oct 22 Professor Margaret Davy, AM Gynaecological Oncology Royal Society Rooms
Sep 24 Professor Guy Maddern, AO Hospital vs University: 125 years on, has anything changed? Royal Society Rooms
Aug 27 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
Jul 23 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
Jun 25 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
May 28 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
Apr 23 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
Mar 26 - No meeting. Royal Society Rooms
Feb 27 Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan, AO "Advances in reproduction over 200 years, as illustrated by the British and Australian Royal families: from Princess Charlotte to Queen Camilla" Royal Society Rooms
2019 Dec 19 Dr Tom Turner "Peripatetic perambulation: Wistful wandering through the wilderness of AMA (SA) History" Royal Society Rooms
Nov 28 Prof. Gary Wittert "The obesity & chronic disease epidemic of the 21st century: Why haven't we learned a lesson from scurvy?" Royal Society Rooms
Oct 24 Dr. Pauline Payne "Century Adelaide Botanic Gardens & Health Of South Australians" Royal Society Rooms
Sep 26 Prof. Christopher Burrell "100th Anniversary of "Spanish flu", the 1918-19 influenza pandemic" Royal Society Rooms
Aug 22 Dr Fred Gilligan "Hazards, Horses, and Helicopters" Royal Society Rooms
Jul 25 Prof. Eric Gowans "The history of vaccines - an Australian perspective" Royal Society Rooms
Jun 27 Prof. Sandy McFarlane "From Moral Inferiority to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" Royal Society Rooms
May 23 Dr Clive Pay "The remarkable Both brothers: unsung inventors" Royal Society Rooms
Apr 25 - No meeting
Mar 28 Dr Tony Swain "Painless Surgery: The evolution of anaesthesia in SA and beyond" Royal Society Rooms
Feb 28 Dr Emma McEwin "Nancy Atkinson OBE: pioneer bacteriologist at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science & University of Adelaide" National Council of Women
2018 Dec 7 Dr Robert Foreman "Vascular Surgery" National Council of Women
Nov 22 Prof. Peter Reilly "Neurosurgery in Developing Nations" Royal Society Rooms
Oct 25 Dr Peter Byrne "History of General Burston and some outstanding WWII Australian Military Medical Officers" Royal Society Rooms
Sep 27 Prof. Max Kamien "The Francis Hardey Faulding Research Memorial Prize for research in Australian General Practice, 1964-1999: a South Australian initiative" Royal Society Rooms
Aug 23 Dr. Brian Brophy "Douglas Mawson and the far east Antarctic journey, 1911-1914" Royal Society Rooms
Jul 26 Dr Chris Lease "History, influence & impact of Environmental Science on Health" Royal Society Rooms
Jun 28 Dr Janet Scott "From Hieroglyphics to CADCAM" Royal Society Rooms
May 24 Mr David Buob "Myles Flynn: A criminal, lunatic & alcoholic who unknowingly changed SA for the better" Royal Society Rooms
Apr 26 Dr Graeme McLeay "The History and Influence of Climate Change on Health" Royal Society Rooms
Mar 22 Prof Annette Summers "Blood, Sweat and Fears I & II: Researching the military service of South Australian Medical Practitioners 1914-1918 & 1945-1975" Royal Society Rooms
Feb 22 Dr Peter Kreminski "Otto Nichterlein MA MD, polymath: athlete, musician, horticulturalist, linguist and lecturer in English literature" Royal Society Rooms
2017 Nov 23 Dr Jeff Nicholas Behind the streets of Adelaide National Council of Women
Nov 23 Helen Stagg "Medical care: Harnessing the River Muray" Royal Society Rooms
Oct 26 Dr. Peter Last "Architectural follies of the old RAH: 1920-60" Royal Society Rooms
Sept 28 Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan "Cerebral Palsy: From Changling babies and Witches, through "Birth Asphyxia" and lawyers, to the lottery of genetic variation" Royal Society Rooms
Aug 24 Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson "History and relevance of water fluoridation" Royal Society Rooms
Jul 27 Professor Grant Townsend "Teeth and faces of twins" Royal Society Rooms
Jun 22 Mr. Jeff Seidel "Mosquitoes" Royal Society Rooms
May 25 Dr John Crowhurst "The Legacy of the Anaesthesia Events at Pearl Harbor, 7th December, 1941" Royal Society Rooms
Apr 27 Dr David Close "Robert Henry Pulleine, 1869-1935: Naturalist, Ornithologist, Botanist, Entomologist, Anthropologist, Otolaryngologist" Royal Society Rooms
Mar 23 Dr Janet Scarfe "Puss Campbell's Great Adventure: WWII diaries & photos of a South Australian army nurse" Royal Society Rooms
Feb 23 Prof. Ian Roberts-Thomson "History of peptic ulceration" Royal Society Rooms
2016 Nov 24 Emeritus Professor Max Kamien "Dr Count Lippay" Royal Society Rooms
Oct 27 Dr Andris Dārziņš "Intruders or Colleagues? Latvian Medicos in SA" Royal Society Rooms
Sep 22 Dr Caroline Adams and Ms Kathy Devonshire-Gill "Nothing New Under the Sun" Royal Society Rooms
Aug 25 Dr Leo Mahar "The Development of Interventional Cardiology" Royal Society Rooms
Jul 28 Dr Robert Goldney Who was Aubrey Lewis? Royal Society Rooms
Jun 23 Dr Tony Slavotinek Sir James Rupert Magarey and the Kakoda Trail Royal Society Rooms
May 26 Adj A/Prof James Hawkins AM Damn the Dardanelles Royal Society Rooms
Apr 28 Mr Robert George 100th anniversary: Braggs' Nobel Prize Royal Society Rooms
Mar 24 Dr John Brydon Resmed & Sleep Apnoea - A medical industry success story Royal Society Rooms
Feb 25 Dr Tony Swain Sir Raphael West Cilento MD LLB: Soldier, Medical researcher, and Administrator Royal Society Rooms
2015 Dec 11 Dr Peter Psaltis Overview of research at SAHMRI Royal Society Rooms
Nov 26 Joy Copland Hepatitis C in South Australia: Twenty Years of Surveillance. Royal Society Rooms
Oct 22 Dr Roy Scragg Florey's Flood - Antibiotics and Population. Royal Society Rooms
Sep 24 Dr Caroline Adams World War 1 Nurses — Not the ANZAC Girls. Royal Society Rooms
Aug 27 Dr Joe Verco The Role of the Verco Family in the History of Medicine in SA. Royal Society Rooms
Jul 23 Dr. David Thomas The History of the Introduction of Laboratory Automation in SA. Royal Society Rooms
Jun 25 Prof Glyn Jamieson The Weird and Wacky in Medicine - A Thing of the Past. Royal Society Rooms
May 28 Dr Greg Otto History and Development of Laparoscopic Surgery Royal Society Rooms
Apr 23 Dr. Tony Slavotinek From Herophilus to Langerhans to Banting — Early Anatomy and Physiology of the Pancreas Royal Society Rooms
Mar 26 Dr David Grove Two Tales of Tapeworm. Lice and Prions - A Compendium of Unpleasant Disease. Royal Society Rooms
Feb 26 Dr. Brendon Coventry Therapies for Advanced Cancer: The Story of History Repeating Itself Royal Society Rooms
2014 Dec 11 Dr. John Setchell Early Days of the Royal Flying Doctors Service Aviation Museum, Port Adelaide
Nov 27 Ossie Petrucco A Migrant Experience from Bonagila to IVF Royal Society Rooms
Oct 23 Dr. Chris Hughes Medical Eponyms Royal Society Rooms
Sep 25 Prof. Peter Roberts-Thomson Tasmanian Aborigines: The Effect of Introduced Disease on Depopulation Royal Society Rooms
Aug 28 Prof. Donald Simpson Hugh Cairns Royal Society Rooms
Jul 24 Prof. David David Craniofacial Unit Royal Society Rooms
Jun 26 Dr Colin Twelftree Vietnam: 1957 and 2007 Royal Society Rooms
May 22 Joy Copland Lessons Learnt from the First Crimean War Royal Society Rooms
Apr 24 Mr. David Buob SA Nobel Prize Winners Royal Society Rooms
Mar 27 Dr. Tony Slavotinek Gus Frankel Royal Society Rooms
Feb 27 Anthony and Robin Radford The Great Chinchona Robbery Royal Society Rooms
2013 Dec 12 Lindl Lorton Life and Death Under Sail Maritime Museum, Port Adelaide
Nov 28 Dr Toby Coates Renal Transplantation Royal Society Rooms
Oct 24 Dr. Roy Scragg Columbus, Windies and the British Disease Royal Society Rooms
Sep 26 Dr. Anne Hamilton-Bruce Neurophysiology Royal Society Rooms
Aug 22 Dr. Joan Durdin The Great Matron Dispute Royal Society Rooms
July 25 Mr. David Buob and Joy Copland The Torrens Island Quarantine Station Royal Society Rooms
June 27 Dr. Tony Slavotinek A Virtual Museum Update; Professor Archie Watson, and Early Microscopes Found In SA Royal Society Rooms
May 23 Dr. Anthony Radford Kuru Royal Society Rooms
Feb 28 Dr. Lothar Hoff Parkside Mental Hospital, 1954 to 1963 Royal Society Rooms
2012 Dec 7 Dr. Ross Philpot Medical Matters and Sherlock Holmes NCW House
Nov 22 Dr. Toby McLeay Memories of working with Aboriginal communities in SA and the NT. Royal Society Rooms
Oct 25 Dr. Martin Copland Medicine Twixt Man and Animals Royal Society Rooms
Sept 27 Prof. Chris Doecke The History of Pharmacy at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Royal Society Rooms
  Aug 23 Dr. John Smith Antarctic Medicine Royal Society Rooms
  Jul 26 Prof Wayne Sampson Dr Begg - Father of Orthodontics - The Man Behind the Smile on Teenage Faces Royal Society Rooms
  Jun 28 Dr Brian Fotheringham A Walk Through the WACH Royal Society Rooms
  May 24 Prof Peter Roberts-Thomson 200 Years of Rheumatology in SA Royal Society Rooms
  Apr 26 Dr Tony Slavotinek

Prof Donald Simpson
Professor Gus Fraenkel - Founder of Flinders Medical Centre

Listerian Principles in the Management of Brain Abscess
Royal Society Rooms
  Mar 22 Dr Bill Lawson The Talented Dr. Richard S. Rogers (1861-1942.) Royal Society Rooms
  Feb 23 Joy Copland Frank Fenner - Virologist Royal Society Rooms
2011 Dec 15 Dr Carol Fort William Wyatt - Medical Pioneer SA Science Exchange
  Nov 24 Dr Chris Hughes 50 Years of Medical Memories Royal Society Rooms
  Oct 27 Mr David Buob History of the Glenside Hospital Royal Society Rooms
  Sept 22 Dr Audrey Kent The Leeds Public Dispensary, 1824-1887 Royal Society Rooms
  Aug 25 Dr Ral Antic History of TB in Australia Royal Society Rooms
  July 28 Mr. Robert Laidlaw Dr. William Home Popham GP, Gawler, 1850 Royal Society Rooms
  June 23 Dr. John McIntyre
50 Years of Change in Dentistry Royal Society Rooms
  May 26 Dr. John Rice
The History and Development of the Bionic Ear Royal Society Rooms
  Apr 28 Dr Donald Beard Three Members of a Family in World War I Royal Society Rooms
  Apr 28 Prof Donald Simpson The Achievements of Leonard Lindon Royal Society Rooms
  Mar 24 Dr Tony Slavotinek RP Jepson: Foundation Professor of Surgery Royal Society Rooms
  Mar 24 Dr Michael Patkin The SAMHS website and Virtual Gallery Royal Society Rooms
  Feb 24 Dr Robert Cooter Ceduna Health Services Royal Society Rooms
2010 Nov 18 Prof. Donald Simpson The Pineal Gland - Confusion and Error Royal Society Rooms
  Oct 28 Dr. Sven Kuusk Visit to SA Military Museum Keswick Military Museum
  Sept 23 Dr. Chris Verco First Stationary Military Hospital on Lemnos Royal Society Rooms
  July 22 Dr. Tony Slavotinek and Dr. Michael Patkin SAMHS Website and Virtual Museum The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  June 17 Prof. Maciej Henneberg Ancient Medicine Findings from the Pompeii Archeological Site Royal Society Rooms
  May 20 Fiona Khor History of Chemotherapy and Development of Oncology Drugs The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  Apr 22 Dr. Joan Durdin
History of  Nursing in SA The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  Mar 18 Prof. Suzanne Miller, Director, SA Museum.
Creating Collections The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  Feb 18 Dr Colin Moore, ophthalmologist Cataract surgery in my professional lifetime  
2009 Sep 17 Dr Robert Cooter, retired General Practitioner.


“Dr. Phoebe Chapple –Her Life Story”.

This remarkable woman served in front-line trenches providing medical services in World War One, was awarded the Military Medal, and returned to a full medical life in Adelaide.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  Sep 17 General meeting of the Society - report    
  May 27 History Week, presented by the History Societies of hospitals in Adelaide and a number of individual members of the SAMHA (in conjunction with Society of History of Ideas, Technology and Science) Staff dining room Glenside Campus
  Apr 30 Prof Wayne Sampson Head of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, University of Adelaide, Curator of the PR Begg Museum

History of Dentistry in South Australia – early days


Feb 26

Prof Bob Goldney

Professor and Head of Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide

Glenside Hospital: an historical perspective including its role in the treatment of Depression

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital



August 28

Robert George (President of ISRRT)

"The Role of the Braggs in develop-
ment of x-rays in South Australia and
the Royal Institution"

Hayward Room Public Schools Club (Bragg House) 207 East Terrace, Adelaide (city)


July 21

(1) Ms Linda Wurfel

"The Dust Museum in Amsterdam'

Board Room of the Womens and Childrens Hospital



(2) Dr. Michael Patkin


"Wellcome" - The Real and Virtual Museum'


  June 10 Alvis Jaunzems "Light & Electron Microscopy, History & Advances"


Histopathology Dept. Adelaide Childrens' Hospital



May 21

History Week Exhibition


(in conjunction with Society of History of Ideas, Technology and Science)



March 27

Dr Robert Cooter

"Air Doctors of South Australia ( Bush Church Aid Port Augusta and BCA Ceduna Society) RFDS'

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital



Donald Beard FRACS

"Remeniscences of Sir Henry Newland"



Dec 7


Dr Toby Coates

"Renal Dialysis and Transplants early days and present"

Calvary Hospital



Aug 14

Dr Thomas Stevenson

"History of Orthopaedic Surgery in South Australia"

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital



July 19

Dr Peter Last

"Repatriation Hospitals"

Repatriation Hospital - Daws Road, Daw Park


May 23

History Week Display

"Then & now in Medicine"

Glenside Campus


Feb 27

Dr Richard Brock

"The Life & achievements of Howard Florey"

The Florey Clinic, 3 Pulsford Road, Prospect


Jan 22

Dr Brian Fotheringham

Heraldry of the Coat of Arms of the Adelaide Childrens' Hospital"

Mr Graham Truman (host) at Samual Way Building, Women & Childrens' Hospital


Nov 21

Dr Robert Cooter

"Amoebic Meningitis in Port Augusta & Environs"

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia - 149, Greenhill Road, Unley

July 17

Mr Paul McLarkin

"Design & Manufacture of glass eyes"

Calvary Hospital

2005 Sep Dr. W.R. Fuller A History of General Anaesthesia - the first 100 Years