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Columbus, West Indies & the British Disease


Columbus, West Indies & the British Disease

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We are most grateful to Dr. Roy Scragg, MB BS Adelaide (1946), DPM (1950), MD (1955); who kindly allowed us to present his PowerPoint presentation of the global history of sexually transmitted diseases and their effect on the natives of Papua and New Guinea (PNG).

Dr. Scragg was a Director of Public Heath, PNG, and the Foundation Professor of Social and Preventive Medicine. He is a well-known public health professional and an expert in tropical medicine. From his position he was able to provide manpower and funds for many research activities, such as treatment of iodine deficiency in PNG, research into the cause of Kuru and Pig-Bel, and many improvements in public health. He presented numerous lectures to Medical Societies, and was interviewed by the ABC about his activities.

Iberian Gift.pptx