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Fourth Model of the “Both” Electrocardiograph (1936-39)

The Both Company was formed in 1932 with the help of Physics Professor Kerr-Grant. The factory was established next door to the Physics Department in two rooms of the Old Police Barracks and its aim was to design and produce medical equipment. Up to  that time heart recordings were produced photographically needing processing that took time.

“Both” electrocardiograph case

           Owner:   SAMHS inc.
Produced by:   The Both Instrument Company.
      Structure:    Wooden box, ECG Machine, smoked glass disc, microscope.
              Size:   15 inches.
          Weight:   25 lbs.


The Both machine could produce real time recordings at the patient’s bedside. It used a diamond stylus recording on a smoked glass disc.

The tracings were  minute, about 1/50th. of a normal ECG and were viewed using a 50x microscope.  

A patient’s record was about half an inch long, and the disc could record several patient’s ECGs. Later models could produce the now customary strip recordings. 

“BOTH” electrocardiograph
showing recording disc & controls

Electrocardiograph with the microscope vertical for viewing the disc

A later “Both” electrocardiograph “style-writer” using a heated stylus to record on a paper roll, producing an instantaneous tracing without photography