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Dr. Peter Last’s diagnostic kit

We have previously documented Dr. Richard Bowering’s medical bag. It contained common drugs, syringes and other first aid equipment. The following diagnostic kit was given to Dr. Peter Last as a birthday present. As customary it has an auriscope and an ophthalmoscope, but there are some additional items of interest.

Dr. Peter Last’s diagnostic kit. The ophthalmoscope and the auriscope are clearly visible but there are useful additions.


Normal human retina as seen through an ophthalmoscope. (from Google)

Angled torch light attachment


Mirror which could be added to the torch for indirect laryngoscopy.


The torch bulb was useful for transillumination but Dr. Last also used it to detect wood splinters


The auriscope attachment enables one to view the ear drum. The small lens (extreme left) provides a more detailed view.



Auriscope cones of various sizes. Note the mirror attachment (lower left) for indirect laryngoscopy


Two myringotomy lances at the top. The lower loop is now used for removing wax from the auditory canal. It has replaced ear syringing.



Additional instruments showing an alligator forceps (top).
There are blunt and sharp probes (middle). The blunt probe was used for probing sinuses and the fine probe used for dilating salivary or lachrymal ducts. The alligator forceps were used for removing foreign bodies from ears.

The lowermost item is a pocket thermometer.