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Medical Scales & the Ardmeen Practice

The scales have been kindly donated to the SAMHS by the Doctors and staff of the Crafter Medical Centre.

Dr. Lamb kindly provided “ One Hundred Years of Medical Practice The story of Ardmeen at 146 Belair Road Hawthorn” written by Amy J. Ramsey 1966. From this book the black and white photographs have been reproduced.

The current Crafter Medical centre was built in 1960 next door to the original medical practice which began in 1891. The first Doctor was Arthur Henry Gault who arrived in Mitcham in 1888, aged 24. He eventually carried out his practice from a house called Ardmeeen now better known as “Lenzerheide” a popular restaurant. He had a large practice, was popular, performing his house calls by a pony and trap. He also held an Honorary post at the Adelaide Hospital , now the RAH .

His son Arthur Kyle Gault followed him in 1917. He was kind and often outspoken and there are many anecdotes about his life. Dr Kyle Gault retired in 1950 leaving his assistant Dr. Ken Crafter in charge. The practice grew to include 5 doctors, and became known as the Sturt Clinic. Eventually the practice moved into a new building next door. In honour of Dr. Crafter it was renamed “The Crafter Medical Centre”.

Full picture of the medical scales,


View of the weight lever.


The graduations are in Imperial measure, ie. stones & pounds. The maximum weight was 16 stones. For heavier persons an extra weight was hooked on to the right of the lever, adding an additional 5 stones.



Dr Arthur Gault with Dr Fred Steele Scott - Dr. Gault's first car outside 'Ardmeen'


Pony & trap