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Ashton automatic injector syringe

:            Owner       Dr. Richard Bowering
   Manufacture:       Ashton & co. Ltd. Hilton SA
  Composition:        Stainless steel chamber, plastic handle and trigger, syringe                                      compartment, and actuating spring
         Purpose:       For use by patients, usually diabetics, for self injection.
       Condition:       Fully functional. Adjustable for syringe size and type.
Size & weight:       19.5 x 11 x 3 cm weight 450 g

Ashton automatic injector


This instrument was developed to help patients who were apprehensive to self inject. Many were diabetics who required several daily injections.

The apparatus was loaded with a 2.0ml. “Luerlock” syringe connected to a 1.25cm. needle. It contained an appropriate dose of insulin. On pressing the trigger the needle was propelled into the subcutaneous tissue and the insulin injected. The maker claimed that the procedure was almost painless.

It was invented, and designed by Mr. D.T. Lewis of Port Lincoln, and manufactured by Ashton & Co. Ltd. in Hilton SA in the latter part of the 20th. century. It is seldom used today as there are problems with sterility.

Ashton injector opened up to show internal mechanism


Cover of the instruction manual for the Ashton automatic injector