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Nasal Douche

          Owner:       Dr. Richard Bowering.
Composition:      Glass container with nasal and finger end openings.
           Usage:      Treatment of sinusitis, nasal mucosal problems.
               Age:       Mostly used in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries.


The nasal douche has a longstanding medical history, but has been replaced by a variety of plastic inhalers containing a variety of antibiotics or vaso-active agents such as epinephrine related compounds, or agents similar to Oxymetazoline (Drixine). Prior to this the common douche contained only saline.

The recommended instructions involved filling the douche with saline and placing the index finger on the funnel. The other end was inserted into the nostril. On removing the index finger the saline flowed into the nose and eventually was felt in the throat. Flow was then stopped by the index finger, and the procedure could be repeated. While not pleasant, it appeared to be effective.



Nasal douche.

When filled with saline, the left hand end was inserted into a nostril and the index finger placed over the right hand opening. With the head tilted back the index finger was removed and the saline flowed

Instructions for the “Ambson” nasal douche.