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Sleep Apnoea

We are most grateful to John Brydon who gave the Society an elegant and informative talk about his association with ResMed and its management, and the early days of treatment of sleep apnoea.

Dr John Brydon has been a design engineer and engineering manager in the electronics and information technology areas for many years, specializing in circuit design, embedded computing and signal processing.

He is a graduate of Cambridge and London Universities, and the University of New South Wales. After an initial career in the UK National Health Service as a designer, researcher and manager, he emigrated to Australia in 1988 and has worked here as a design engineer for Philips Radio Communication Systems in Melbourne, a product design manager for ResMed, and a hardware team leader for Cochlear in Sydney.

In 2004 he moved from Sydney to Adelaide to set up his consulting practice there and has worked as a technical manager with Signostics and Schneider Electric (formerly Clipsal) amongst others. He has held Adjunct Associate Professor appointments with the Universities of Adelaide and South Australia where he does some occasional teaching. He is also a qualified Arbitrator and a Mediator. His research work has included the non-invasive measurement of respiration during sleep and he is the holder of over 40 granted US and Australian patents.

His presentation is available here: The ResMed Experience [PDF, 1 MB]