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Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner

A distinguished Australian scientist: medical virologist, environmental scientist, researcher author, teacher, conservationist, philanthropist and thinker. The son of a geologist, Professor Fenner oversaw the eradication of smallpox and announced this achievement to the World Health Assembly on the 8th of May, 1980 (ISBN 92 4 156110 6 WHO 1988).

In Australia his contribution to the pioneering work on myxomatosis provided the first biological control for rabbit plagues.

Acknowledgment: We are most grateful Mrs. Joy Copland MSc (virology), MPH Senior Population Health Analyst SA Health, who allowed us to use the diapositives from her PowerPoint presentation to the SAMHS in February 2012. It gives a synopsis of Fenner’s life and his scientific contribution to public health, medical, veterinary and environmental sciences in Australia and overseas.

We invite those who have additional information or comments to contact us at SAMHS <slavotinek@ozemail.com.au> or Joy Copland directly <jgcopl@bigpond.net.au>.