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Rib Cutter: Costotome

Rib Cutter: Costotome

We are most grateful to Margo Way and Drs Peter Hetzel and Leslie Long from the Royal Adelaide Heritage Society who have recently provided us with an item from the Calvary Museum collection. We also thank Terry Oborne OAM, a past curator of the Calvary Museum.

Name of the hospital and date.
Name of the hospital and date.

Instrument and a tape measure.
The instrument and a tape measure: the photograph shows several handles which can close to capture an object and a cutting blade to transect the item.

Closed ring.
The ring is now closed and the cutter can be advanced by closing the lever adjacent to the tape measure. The inner diameter is 17mm.

Closed and extended cutter.
The cutter is advanced and the confined item would be cut.

The instrument was marketed by the firm of KAISERS, etched on of the handles. The Australian agents are "Lifehealthcare", and their agent Paul Arthur kindly provided us with a catalogue photograph of it and two other similar instruments. The cost is quoted as A$2,625 plus GST.

Various costotomes.
Saurbruch and Gertz-Stille costotomes above, Wemehren (Tudor Edwards) below.