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1918 x-ray therapy machine
at Jones and Partners, Adelaide

The following x ray machine is stored in the board room of Dr. Jones and Partners, radiologists, to celebrate the centenary of the discovery of x rays by Conrad Roentgen.

Note the misspelling of the name of Rhumkorff, found also on the Internet.

The photographs were taken by Keith Hawley, chief radiographer.


1918 Superficial therapy machine stored in the board room of Dr. Jones and partners. On the floor are the rotary converter (center) and the lead iris diaphragm. (right)


The control panel of the 1918 x ray machine showing the adjustable spark gap for estimating the kilovoltage, also the adjusting switch for the voltage fed to the primary coil, & a millimetre to measure the current.

Control panel & adjustable lead iris diaphragm to restrict the rays to the treatment area.



Description of control “Rotax” German x.ray unit preserved in the board room of Dr. Jones and Partners, radiologists Adelaide