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Minutes of a General Meeting of the Society
held on Thursday 17 September 2009    

1. Welcome: President Chris Hughes welcomed the 18 members and guests present
2. Apologies: 6 as per attendance book
3. Minutes of General Meeting of 23-7-09 and Committee Meeting of 11-8-09 were accepted. Minutes reviewed by president. No business arising discussed. 

4. Dr Robert Cooter on Dr. Phoebe Chapple:
The  speaker, was introducd by the president. Dr Cooter presented a succinct but instructive report on the life and achievements of Dr. Phoebe Chapple. He highlighted her commitment to her career both in war and peace, making us aware of the difficulties she faced. A vote of thanks to Dr. Cooter was given by Dr Donald Beard.

5. Report on the website and virtual museum:
This was presented by Dr Tony Slavotinek. He reported on the items recently added to the collection. Members congratulated  Dr. Slavotinek and Dr Patkin  on the improvements in the website

6.Other Business:
Rob. Adams requested that SAHMS write a letter to the SA Medical Heritage Council in support of the preservation of the cottages at Glenside.
This was supported by the members and a motion to this effect was moved by Rob Adams and seconded by Tony Slavotinek. Motion passed
The president agreed to write and forward this letter.
Meeting closed at 4.50pm


Next General Meeting:
Thursday, 19th November 09 at 4.00pm at the Seminar Room Dept. of Surgery QEH, speaker:Dr. Colin Moore - Ophthalmologist “Changes in cataract surgery in my professional life-time”.
Advance Notice: December Christmas General Meeting on Thursday, 10th December 2009 at 4.00 pm in the Surgical Seminar Room RAH. Speaker: Prof Glynn Jamieson  “Science and The Gullible Society”

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday, 17th November 09 at 12 noon . The meeting will be held in the 5th Floor Seminar Room at the Adelaide Dental Hospital.

Chris Hughes (President)

Contact details: phone 8379 4633  email emandcee@bigpond.com
Millicent Hughes (Secretary)