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2012 Website Report and Brief History

The early history of the Web-site is in the President's reports from 2007 and 2009 (paragraphs 1, and 7-8 respectively). There is also a mention in the "About the Society" segment of this site.

Apart from the University of Adelaide's Department of Surgery's original website of the Society, our first Web-master was a surgeon, Mr Michel Patkin AM. He was followed by Heidi Ing from the Gus Fraenkel library at the Flinders Medical Centre.

Greg Sampson is our current Web-master and editor. He enters the new topics, and is responsible for many technical details in the presentations. His contribution is most valuable. He also notifies the members of forthcoming meetings and activities.

We continue to add important medical heritage items stored around South Australia. The most recent entries include articles on "Weighing Machines", "Centrifuges", and "Obstetric Forceps". We also continue with reports on notable South Australian persons and institutions. Among the recent additions are articles about R. P. Jepson, Gus Fraenkel, and J. R. Magery, and a presentation about Richard Rogers delivered by Dr. Bill Lawson.

Our most sincere are thanks to Alec Sims, who registered the current website, hosts and administers the server, and provides most valuable help. Alec Sims has also kindly provided us wth the summary of the "visits and hits" to this website during January to October, 2012.
The first page is available here. Please note that the "visits" to the website are a more valuable indicator of the activities than the "hits".

Tony Slavotinek, Website co-ordinator