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Iron lung - polio epidemic

Headache powders which damaged kidneys


Kidney biopsy

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October 24th, 2019

The next meeting of the SAMHS will be held on Thursday, 24th of October at the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave, Adelaide at 5:30 pm.

This month our speaker is the historian Pauline Payne, a longstanding SAMHS member. If we consider present environmental concerns and look to the past for assistance, her topic is timely, as she will speak about the influence of planned gardens on the health of residents of South Australia.

Dr. Pauline Payne - "The 19th Century Adelaide Botanic Gardens & Health Of South Australians"

Members and guests are welcome.

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nurses rah 1939
RAH nurses 1939

Amoeba causing meningitis

old obstetric stethoscope
Old obstetric stethoscope

Bragg hand x-ray 1896

RA Fisher,
statistics pioneer. His ashes are buried at St Peter's Cathedral, North Adelaide

Mask &
bottle for anaesthesia in tonsilectomy