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Annual Reports — Minutes of AGM


The Annual General Meeting of the Society held on Thursday 27th August 2015 at 5.30pm.
It was held in the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave. Adelaide.


  1. Welcome.

  2. Present.

    16 members and guests.

  3. Apologies.

    Margaret Wall, Donald Simpson, Robert Goldney, Michael Kent, Audrey Kent, Joy Copland, David Thomas, Daphne Moore, Eric Madaffari.

  4. Speaker.

    Introduced by Prof. Wayne Sampson.

    Dr. Joe Verco — "Contribution Of The Verco Family To Medicine And Health In SA".

    Dr Verco spoke and illustrated the involvement of his family in all aspects of development of SA, particularly in the establishment of the medical school and health in general.

    Vote of Thanks: Wayne Sampson.

  5. Refreshment Break.

    There was a brief recess for drinks prior to the Business Meeting.


  7. Minutes Of Annual General Meeting 2014 Ratified.

    C. Adams / A. Radford.

  8. Business Arising From Minutes.


  9. Correspondence.


  10. President's Report.

    Wayne Sampson.

  11. Treasurer's Report.

    David Buob.

  12. Website Report.

  13. Election Of Officers For 2015-2016.

    The following nominations had been received:

    President:Wayne Sampson
    Secretary:Joy Copland
    Treasurer:David Buob
    Committee:Tony Slavotinek
    Chris Hughes
    Caroline Adams
    Millicent Hughes
    Michael Kent

    Officers and committee elected unopposed.

  14. Other Business.

    Roy Scragg raised the issue of a paper printed by ANZ Society of Medical History about PNG which he felt contained many errors. He will write a letter to Caroline Adams (now on BOD of ANZ Society of Medical History). She will raise issue at the next meeting on this BOD.

  15. Announcement.

    Next Meeting 24-9-15. Speaker: Dr. Caroline Adams – "Nurses in World War".

Millicent Hughes,
email: emandcee [at] bigpond.com


Held on Thursday 28th of August, 2014, Royal Society Rooms.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on Thursday 28 August 2014 at 5:41.


  1. Welcome.

    David Buob welcomed members (as per list) to the AGM.

  2. Apologies.

    (as per list)

  3. Business.

  4. Election of Officers for 2014-2015.

    PresidentChris Hughes
    SecretaryMillicent Hughes
    TreasurerDavid Buob
    CommitteeTony Slavotinek
    Wayne Sampson
    Joy Copland
    Michael Kent
    Caroline Adams

    Moved by Tony Radford, Seconded Janice Watson.

  5. Business Arising.

    A vote of thanks to be recorded for Audrey and Michael Kent and Janice Watson for their provision of drinks and nibbles.

    As per David Buob's suggestion it was proposed that membership be raised to $20, the society stock up on wine and that Audrey and Michael be given some payment for refreshments.
    Moved Michael Kent, Seconded Roy Scragg, carried unanimously.

  6. Refreshment Break.

    There was a brief refreshment break at 5:56.

  7. Speaker.

    David Buob called on Tony Radcliffe to introduce Professor Sampson who spoke on the life of Hugh Cairns.

  8. Announcements.

    Next Meeting Thursday 25 September 2014.

  9. Meeting closed.

    The meeting closed at 6:49.


Held on Thursday 22nd of August, 2013, Royal Society Rooms.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Society held on Thursday 22nd of August, 2013 at 5.30pm in the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave. Adelaide.


1. Welcome.

President Chris Hughes welcomed 24 members to the AGM.

2. Apologies.

As per apologies list.

3. Minutes Of Annual General Meeting 2012 Accepted.

Moved David Buob, second Tony Slavotinek.

4. Business Arising From Minutes.

There was no business arising from minutes.

5. Correspondence.

No significant correspondence had been received.

6. President's Report.

Chris Hughes.

7. Treasurer's Report.

David Buob.

8. Website Report.

Tony Slavotinek - Virtual Museum to be expanded to contain new significant medical events as well as ones from the past. Website is expanding and running well.

Millicent Hughes moved that "an honorarium of $250 be paid to Greg Sampson for his continuing work on the website". Seconded Tony Slavotinek. Passed.

9. Election Of Officers For 2013 - 2014.

The following members were elected for the year 2013 - 2014:

President: Chris Hughes
Secretary: Millicent Hughes
Treasurer: David Buob
Committee: Tony Slavotinek, Wayne Sampson, Caroline Adams, Joy Copland, Michael Kent

10. Other Business.

Joy Copland requested the website address to appear on all SAMHS communications. This was agreed by the meeting.

A brief break for refreshments was taken.

11. Speaker.

Dr Joan Durdin spoke on "The Great Matron Dispute of 1896". Joan presented a eventful description and explanation of these well-spoken of but not clearly understood events. She completed her talk by highlighting Margaret Graham - her personality and major changes she made in medicine - particularly nursing in her career.

12. Vote Of Thanks.

President Chris thanked Joan for her informative address.

13. Announcements.

Next General Meeting 26-09-13. Speaker Dr. Paul Weston: History of neurophysiology.

Millicent Hughes,

Contact details:

  • phone:    83794633
  • email:     emandcee@bigpond.com
  • Website: www.samhs.org.au


Held on Thursday 23rd August 2012, Royal Society Rooms

The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held on Thursday 23rd of August 2012 at 5.30pm in the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave. Adelaide.

1. Welcome.

President Chris Hughes welcomed 20 members and guests.

2. Apologies.

Kevin and Robyn O'Brien, David Gill, Peter Roberts–Thomson, Martin Copland, Audrey Kent, Franz de Zwart, Anne Hamilton-Bruce, Graham Truman, Bill Lawson.

3. Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2011.

Moved Tony Slavotinek. Seconded Janice Watson. Minutes accepted.

4. Business arising from minutes.


5. Correspondence.

1. Australian Federation of Historical Societies Newsletter August 2012.

6. President's report.

Chris Hughes.

7. Treasurer's report.

David Buob.

8. Website report.

Tony Slavotinek - Website is well maintained by Greg Sampson. Vote of thanks from SAMHS for this work. Some new items added this year.

9. Election of officers for 2012-13.

President - Chris Hughes
Secretary - Millicent Hughes
Treasurer - David Buob
Website Coordinator - Tony Slavotinek
Committee - Rob Cooter, Michael Kent, Joy Copland, Wayne Sampson

Donald Simpson retired from the Committee. He was thanked for all his efforts on SAMHS behalf. He will represent SAMHS on a proposed Committee working to establish a Medical Museum in Adelaide.

9. Other business

David Buob announced a meeting at the State Library celebrating the Glenside Historical Society. Members wishing to attend to contact David Buob.

There was a short break for refreshments at this time.

10. Speaker

Following this interval President Chris introduced the speaker - Dr. John Smith.

Dr. Smith spoke about “Antarctic Medicine”, reminding us that Australia has had a medical association with Antarctica for over 70 years. The service is of high quality and offers medical service on all 4 bases plus supply ships. He told of his personal love for Antarctica and of his personal patient experiences. It was an exhilarating talk.

Dr Smith was thanked by Millicent Hughes.

Millicent Hughes


Held on Thursday 25th August 2011, Royal Society Rooms

The Annual General Meeting of the Society held on Thursday 25th August 2011 at 5.30pm in the Royal Society Rooms, Kintore Ave. Adelaide.

Call to Order 5:30 p.m.

1. Welcome

President Chris Hughes welcomed members and guests to the meeting.

2. Apologies

T. Stevenson, D. Simpson, G. Fischer, K. O’Brien, R. O’Brien, P. Payne, D. Buob.

Present - 16 members and 2 guests.

3. Minutes of annual general meeting 2010

Moved. G Truman / Sec. T. Slavotinek.

4. Business arising from minutes


5 Correspondence


6. President’s report

7. Treasurer’s report

In the absence of the Treasurer, the Secretary reported that the Society was in a good financial position.

8. Election of Officers for 2010-2011.

The following were elected

President - Chris Hughes
Secretary - Millicent Hughes
Treasurer - David Buob
Committee - Donald Simpson, Tony Slavotinek, Rob Cooter, Michael Kent and Wayne Sampson.

9. Other business

No further business.

There was a short break for refreshments at this time.
The President thanked Janice Watson for supplying the refreshments.

10. Speaker


11. Vote of Thanks

Bill Lawson moved the vote of thanks highlighting the informative and interesting address by Dr. Antic on a disease which had much influence on the settlement and development of SA. He especially noted the work of Dr. Harry Wunderlich in the control of TB in SA. Surely a notable South Australian for the Virtual Museum.

12. Announcements

Members were reminded of the Program details for the next 3 months by the Secretary.

Contact details – phone: 83794633 / email: emandcee@bigpond.com


Held on Thursday 17th June 2010, Royal Society Rooms

The Annual General Minutes of the Society held on Thursday 17th June 2010 at 4.00pm. It was held in the Seminar Room Royal Society Rooms, North Tce Adelaide.

Call to Order 4 p.m.

1. Welcome

President Chris Hughes welcomed members and the guest speaker for the afternoon – Prof. M. Henneberg.

2. Present

12 members as per attendance book.

3. Aplogies

13 as per attendance book, including the Secretary, Millicent Hughes.

4. Minutes of AGM of 27-5-09 were accepted.

Moved by Donald Simpson, Seconded by Tony Slavotinek.
No business arising.

5. Election of officers for 2010-2011

President - Chris Hughes – reelected
Secretary - Millicent Hughes – reelected
Treasurer - David Buob – reelected.

There were no new nominations to the Committee. The committee of Rob Cooter, Tom Stevenson, Donald Simpson, Tony Slavotinek, and Wayne Sampson were re-elected. Members were reminded that anyone interested in being on the Committee was welcome to join this group.

6. President’s Report (Chris Hughes).

The President highlighted some issues in the report-programme for past year, need to consider time of meeting and venue for meetings. These for future discussion. He also highlighted the contribution of Tony Slavotenek and Michael Patkin in maintaining, and running the SAHMS website and virtual museum. The report was accepted.

7. Treasurer’s Report (David Buob)

This report was presented.
There is also an up-to-date list of membership.
Funds in bank - June 2010 = $2153.63.
The report was accepted.

8. Chris Hughes introduced the speaker - Prof Maciej Henneberg.

He gave an fine interesting address on "What we are learning about the Ancient Health and Medicine from the Studies of the Bone remains from Pompeii".
The vote of thanks and presentation to Prof Henneberg was made by Prof Donald Simpson.

Meeting closed at 5.30pm

Chris Hughes (President)
Contact details – phone 83794633 / email emandcee@bigpond.com


Held on Glenside Campus 27 May 2009

Call to Order 4 p.m. – Tony Slavotinek. 


[waiting on notes] 


John Sweeney

Minutes of AGM – May 2008. 

Confirmed on motion of Colin Suchting and Ian Forbes.

Business arising

– nil.

President’s Report

– Tabled and circulated.

Secretary’s Report (included here for convenience)

– Apology from Dr John Sweeney
Expenses $28.15

Treasurer’s Report – tabled (included here for convenience).

SA Medical Heritage Society Treasurer’s Report May 2009.

Since reconstitution of the Society in March 2005 the Society has grown to a membership of 69 with 36 being currently financial.

Opening balance at the May 2008 AGM was $1,697.32.

In the 12 month period receipts totaled $520.00, with $320 from membership subscriptions and $200 from member donations.

Expenditure totaled $20.55 with this total mount being secretarial expenses.

The Society’s financial position as at May 2009 was a net balance of $2,016.77

Less expenses      $28.15



David Buob


 Election of Officers for 2009-2010 – conducted by Dr Ian Forbes.

Ian delivered a tribute to Tony Slavotinek who was retiring after four years as President and to Colin Suchting who was retiring after two years as Secretary.  This was carried with acclamation.

Nominations were called for President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee members.

Dr C.R.T. (Chris) Hughes was nominated by Dr R Cooter and seconded by Tony Slavotinek for the position of President.  He was unopposed and elected unanimously.

Dr Millicent Marion was nominated by Dr de Zwart and seconded by Mr Wayne Kitchener for the position of Secretary.  She was unopposed and elected unanimously.

 Prof. Donald Simpson, Prof. Wayne Sampson, Mr Thomas Stevenson and Mr David Buob (Treasurer) were nominated by Dr Joan Durdin and seconded by Dr W Fuller.  They were elected unanimously.

Dr Robert Cooter was nominated by Prof. Simpson and seconded by Michael Patkin.  He was elected unanimously.

Dr Chris Hughes, in accepting the Presidency, paid tribute to the work of Tony Slavotinek.

The meeting closed at 4.13 p.m.

Earlier minutes—being added as available



Welcome by Tony Slavotinek.

Introducing our Host, Dr Brian Fotheringham.

Guest Speaker, Mr Donald Beard "The Life of Sir Henry Simson Newland"

Refreshments available. Recently listed medical heritage equipment will be displayed.



Presiding: Tony Slavotinek
1.          12 Noon. Welcome
2.1        Members, Apology : Graham Truman.
3 Minutes.

3.1 Meeting (M5) held at the TQEH on Tuesday 30 August 2005. Moved that the Minutes be adopted .Carried.
3.2 Meeting (G3) held at Calvary Health Care on Thursday 15 September
2005. Dr W R Fuller will provide a summary of his talk, "A History of
General Anaesthesia". Moved that the Report be received. Carried.
3.2 Business arising. Discussion on the preferred time for General Meetings,
including "Daylight Saving", resulted in deciding to remain with the
4 pm. start for the remainder of 2005.

4. Administration of the Society.

4.1 President. Summarised the visits and people contacted for the period. Report be Received .Carried.
4.2 Secretary. Submitted expenses for the mailout of General Meeting (G3) Members Notices Payment approved.
Correspondence. Nil.
4.3 Treasurer; Report.
Current Balance Account $1908.

6. Reports of (sub-) Committees/Groups.

5.1 History. Tony Slavotinek presented his progress on the theme "Syringes".
5.2 Collection / Acquisition. John Couper-Smartt displayed new items "Resuscitators".
5.3 Information Technologies
John Couper-Smartt reported on his progress with the software program File Maker Catalogue.
5.4 Program: General Members Meetings and Speakers.
Tentative date 17 November 2005 at St. Johns, Unley.
Host Dr Brian Fotheringham. Speaker Mr Donald Beard.
5.6 David Buob provided information on other Society/Organisation events for 2006.

6. Other Groups and Interchange of Information.

7.General Membership and Membership of other Bodies.

Current Membership and contact addresses update still outstanding.

8.      General Business and next Meetings. Committee of Management Tuesday 25 October, 12noon TQEH venue.
9.      Closure. 1 pm.